Message from the Chief Commissioner

Crime Prevention & Community Safety

Older Victorians

Release date: Wed 21 March 2007

Last updated: Thu 12 September 2013

Contrary to popular belief, a person aged over 65 years is less likely to be victim of crime than someone younger. Older people generally have safer lifestyles. They are more likely to take safety precautions and tend to spend less time out and about at night when the crime risk is higher.

By following some common sense tips and increasing their self-confidence, older people are even less likely to be victimised.

Criminals are less likely to see you as a target if you are careful, alert and living confidently in the community. Get involved with your neighbours and the local community and do not isolate yourself behind locked doors.

Seniors Rights Victoria provides useful information for older Victorians, families, carers and organisations working with older people.  Click on the link access information about elder abuse and Seniors Rights Victoria services.



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