Message from the Chief Commissioner

Becoming a police member

Wed 22 December 2010

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At Victoria Police we call our police officers, police members. To become a police member, you must successfully complete a pre-entrance exam, medical, psychological and fitness testing and a selection panel.

If you pass all of that you then begin training as a recruit at our Victoria Police Academy. Most recruits live at the Police Academy for 33 weeks, while they train to become police.

At 12 weeks recruits are sworn-in. This means they take the Victoria Police oath and promise to uphold the law. Once recruits are sworn-in, we call them probationary constables.

During the 33 weeks of training, the probationary constables get to do all sorts of fitness and weapons training. They also spend some time out in the field with other police members to learn from them.

But its not all fun and games, there is a lot of classroom work as well. Police need to know all about the law and how to investigate crimes, after all police have to be smarter than the bad guys!

At the end of their training we have a graduation ceremony. The graduation is a very proud moment for all probationary constables and their families and friends who come to watch them march out on the parade ground and receive their police badge from the Chief Commissioner.

If you would like to learn more, visit our recruiting website.


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