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Private Security Suitability Reference Requirements

Release date: Thu 25 October 2007

Last updated: Wed 21 June 2017

Licensing & Regulation Division (LRD) will not accept Suitability References that originate from overseas countries and therefore do not comply with the requirements of the Act and Regulations. Such references are unacceptable to LRD as they do not comply with legislative provisions and it is not practically possible to verify the information being provided in support of the application. 

Sections 17 and 74 of the Private Security Act 2004, require licence and registration applicants to provide the Chief Commissioner with two written references from a prescribed class of person attesting to the applicant's suitability to hold a private security licence or registration. This requirement assists LRD in assessing an applicant's probity and confirming their identity.

Regulation 58 of the Private Security Regulations 2005, prescribes the classes of a person who may provide a character reference. Referees must fall within particular classes that are recognised and defined under Victorian or Australian law. Referees must also have known the applicant for more than 12 months and not be related to the applicant by birth or marriage.

If an applicant cannot provide any Suitability Reference in accordance with the requirements of Regulation 58 of the Private Security Regulations 2005, LRD will not issue the licence because the provisions of the Act and Regulations were not complied with. This non-compliance raises concerns for LRD as the identity and probity of the person may not be able to be verified. 

All enquires can be directed to Licensing & Regulation Division via email or telephone 1300 651 645.

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