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Reporting fraud

Release date: Mon 5 July 2010

Last updated: Thu 6 March 2014


Types of fraud and the appropriate investigative authority

Bank related fraud
This includes fraud relating to credit cards, loans, electronic funds transfers, cheque, ATM and mortgages.
Report this type of fraud to the bank or financial institution, and be advised if you are required to report the incident to your local police station.

Investment fraud
Report this type of fraud to the Australian Security and Investment Commission by visiting MoneySmart, calling 1300 300 630, or speak to your local police. Any information such as company name, location and contact details will assist with subsequent investigations.

Share trading fraud
Report this type of fraud to The Australian Securities Exchange.

Lawyer fraud (Barrister and Solicitor)
Report this type of fraud to the Legal Services Board

Accountant fraud
Report this type of fraud to your local police station.

Real estate agency fraud
Report this type of fraud to Consumer Affairs Victoria.

Superannuation fraud
Report this type of fraud to the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA).

Overseas advanced fee fraud
Report this type of fraud to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Telecommunication fraud
Report this type of fraud to the relevant service provider.

Employee fraud
Report this type of fraud to your local police station.

Internet auction fraud
Report this type fraud to your local police station. If the offender receives the money in Victoria, the matter will be investigated by local police. If the offender receives the money in another state, the file will be referred to that state's police via the submission of a VP Form 1418 by the attending police member.

Work cover fraud
Report this type of fraud to the Victorian Workcover Authority.


Types of scams and the appropriate investigative authority

Scams from interstate or overseas
Report this to Australian Competition and Consumer Commission or phone 1300 302 502.

Financial and investment scams
Report this to Australian Security and Investment Commission or phone 1300 300 630.

Banking and credit card scams (phoney fraud alerts or 'phishing' scams)
Report this to your bank/financial institution, as well as Australian Security and Investment Commission and Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Local scams (door to door scams)
Report this to Consumer Affairs of Victoria or phone 1300 558 181.

Spam emails
Report this to Australian Communications and Media Authority

For further information regarding scams, go to

Reporting to Police

In many cases where a person loses money, it will not be a criminal, but a civil matter. Particularly when a matter involves breaches of contract or non-payment of debts. Police cannot investigate civil matters. Police only investigate criminal matters in order to charge offenders and place evidence before a court. Civil action is the most appropriate method of recovering money and it is recommended a person consults with a solicitor if this is the case. If the complaint and supporting information supports a finding that a criminal offence may have been committed, then the matter will be referred for investigation.

To report a matter with police, it is useful to gather the following information.

  • Complainants details - including name, date of birth, age, address, phone number, email and employment details.
  • Summary of allegations - prepare a summary of events in chronological order that forms the basis of your complaint. Include times, dates, places and any conversations or interaction with suspect regarding the complaint.
  • Evidence - include a brief description of the evidence which support the events described.
  • Suspect/offender - if you suspect a particular individual/s, provide details such as date of birth, age, address, phone number, email, vehicle registration number, and employment details.
  • Witnesses - provide details of any witnesses, including name, address, phone number and a brief summary why this person is a witness.
  • Document/exhibits - provide copies (copies only) of documents or exhibits which support the complaint. This may include, but not limited to, banking records, business records, receipts, contracts, invoices, internet content, phone records, and audit reports. Please note, original exhibits should be handled with clean surgical or fabric gloves and with care, to prevent the loss of forensic evidence. Ensure each exhibit is stored in separate bags.
  • Action taken against suspect - provide information of any discipline or civil action taken against the suspect/s.

Corporate/Business complaints
If you wish to report a fraud associated with a corporation or business or organisation, or a matter that involves a high degree of complexity then please read and complete the Victoria Police Fraud Report Form before reporting the fraud to the police.

This form, along with copies of evidence, will be used by police in assessing and investigating a complaint.

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