Message from the Chief Commissioner

A message from the Chief Commissioner

Release date: Tue 1 July 2014

Last updated: Tue 30 June 2015

CCP - Graham Ashton (main)

This message is taken from the Foreword in the Victoria Police Blueprint 2012-15

We have reached the final year of the Victoria Police Blueprint 2012-15. As you are aware the Blueprint has served as a three-year strategic plan for our organisation. The introduction of the Blueprint saw a big change for Victoria Police's planning processes and we have now become an organisation that listens and seeks input from all areas to drive our strategic direction.

Over the past 12 months the Blueprint has driven a range of actions across Victoria Police. We have made significant progress to influence the community to be more confident to report family violence incidents. We are expanding Police, Ambulance and Crisis Assessment Team Early Response (PACER) to support our response to mental health incidents and are continuing to roll out front line focussed information technology systems including Electronic Patrol Duty Return (ePDR), LEAP Electronic Data Recorder (LEDR Mk2) and the Harper Application. In addition to this, we have made significant progress on the delivery of 1700 new police members and 940 protective services officers and we have established the Priority Communities Division to connect more effectively with the Victorian community.

In 2014-15, we will continue our commitment to the priorities and actions that underpin the Blueprint. Specifically, we will develop equitable opportunities for the training and development of all members, be they stationed in rural or metropolitan areas of Victoria. We will look at alternative approaches to prisoner management, implement a force-wide strategy to combat the insidious impact of the drug ice and strive to reduce the number of deaths and serious injury collisions on Victoria's roads. We will continue our focus to combat organised crime along with our ongoing commitment to enhance community safety.

Separate to the Blueprint, The Victoria Police Blue Paper: A Vision for Victoria Police in 2025, was released in early June, 2014. This paper identifies the broader social, economic and environmental trends and internal challenges facing Victoria Police now and in the coming years.

The Blue Paper asserts a number of challenges for our organisation and the community. We need to have a conversation about refocussing our operations towards crime prevention and better matching resources to demand. We need to rethink our traditional operating model by putting the victim's needs at the centre of everything we do. We must engage with the community, government and our own people to work through these issues.

We have come a long way since we first launched the Blueprint in 2012. We must remain a dynamic and relevant organisation that is the equal of any police service in the world. We will continue to evolve as an organisation to ensure the community of Victoria is kept safe in the years and decades to come.


Graham Ashton AM
Chief Commissioner

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