Message from the Chief Commissioner

A message from the Chief Commissioner

Release date: Tue 1 August 2017

Last updated: Tue 1 August 2017

CCP - Graham Ashton (main)

This message is taken from the Foreword in the Victoria Police Annual Plan 2017-18

I am pleased to introduce the Victoria Police Annual Plan 2017-18, year 2 of the Victoria Police Capability Plan 2016-2025.

Since launching the Capability Plan we have undertaken assessments across the organisation to baseline the maturity of our capabilities. This identified the capabilities we see as having the greatest priority to grow, and informed future investment decisions.

We have already achieved a lot in 2017. We've launched a new recruitment drive; delivered the first 100 of 300 new police; finalised recruitment of additional Police Custody Officers; recruited fingerprint, anti-gangs, Public Order Taskforce and Special Operations Group members; set up the Victoria Police Monitoring and Assessment Centre; and have implemented a new major event operating model. In response to independent Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission and Mental Health reviews we have continued our focus on leadership development and OH&S to ensure that our modernisation agenda is embedded across the organisation.

This goes a long way to delivering on the government's Public Safety Police Response initiatives, and demonstrates our ability to deliver a further $2 billion investment under the Community Safety Statement over the next four years.

From 2017-18 we will see a significant growth in our workforce and our facilities. 1,190 new staff are to start in 2017-18: 825 police, 170 Victorian Public Service employees, 107 Protective Services Officers and 88 Police Custody Officers. And we will be planning to build new forensic hubs in regional areas, 10 new police stations across the state, and a new Victoria
Police Centre.

The deployment of additional police, Protective Services Officers and specialist resources will ensure we are more connected in our response. We will be more visible and accessible in the local community. We will continue to evolve our connectivity through technology so that our people have timely access to information and the community gains new ways to access our services.

Connected policing underpins all that we do and we will continue to be connected to the community, in our response and by technology. This year we will strengthen our partnerships within the community and with other government agencies, to better understand community needs and to collaborate on complex social issues.

We are making a difference. Victoria Police has pulled back six years of growth in the crime rate. We are seeing improvements in almost every crime category, and expect to see further reductions over the next twelve months.

This Annual Plan reflects the complexity of our role and the challenges we face in a constantly changing environment. We want to ensure that Victoria continues to be a safe and secure place to live, by advancing our capability growth as a more agile, flexible and responsive organisation.

Graham Ashton AM
Chief Commissioner

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