Message from the Chief Commissioner

A message from the Chief Commissioner

Release date: Fri 2 August 2013

Last updated: Thu 3 April 2014

Ken Lay main

The introduction of the Victoria Police Blueprint in 2012 changed the way we showcase our business. While the Blueprint serves as a three-year strategic plan for our frontline members, it also acts as a 12-month business plan. The Blueprint is based on some simple thinking: how can we support Victoria Police's mission of ensuring a safe, secure and orderly society?

So it's my pleasure to report to you the achievements from the end of the plan's first year.

By 30 June, 2013 we had completed 28 of our actions, most notably including: an overhaul to our IT system, which made it more user-friendly; launching an Equity and Diversity Plan; beginning a pilot of the Supportlink referral system; launching the Safety First initiative and refining our Integrated Planning and Risk Management Model (IPRMM).

By the same date, work was well established and is continuing on the further 29 actions, including: our Forensic Modernisation program; improvements to our use of social media; the development of strategies to target poor driver behaviour and the development of a victim-centric service delivery model.

The focus for Victoria Police in 2013 - 2014 is on the frontline. Reduction of crime is always at the forefront of policing, but it is through stakeholder engagement and concentrated efforts on the causes of offending behaviour and recidivism that will make the real difference. The Blueprint contains a number of actions that will support these efforts in 2013 - 2014:

They include

  • delivery of key government policy commitments, including the recruitment of 1700 police members and 940 Protective Services officers;
  • development of a State Violence Reduction Strategy that supports better frontline services;
  • development of a strategy to tackle Amphetamine (ICE) use in the community;
  • development of a model for the operational delivery of Victoria's Road Safety Strategy 2013 - 2022 including a frontline focus on targeting the causal factors of road trauma: speed, impaired driving and seatbelts;
  • leading a collaborative response with venue operators, sporting clubs and associations, local governments and major partners in targeting anti-social behaviour in sport; and
  • development of tailored stakeholder engagement plans which will capture government, community, major partners, media and employees.

The successful implementation of some of these Blueprint actions will reduce the time taken by frontline police at incidents of family violence and mental health.

Additionally, Victoria Police will strengthen its capability by implementing Year 2 of the Safety First Strategy; the development of an organisation-wide succession plan and a professional development framework; improving oversight of the complaints management system; development of a business case for enhanced prisoner management, transport and court security; and development of a two-level coaching and mentoring program.

Our achievements are a good blend of helping our members and helping the community, and it's just a start. I encourage all of you to learn more about our Blueprint and how it affects you.

Ken D. Lay APM
Chief Commissioner

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