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Organised Motor Vehicle Theft Squad

Release date: Wed 20 June 2007

Last updated: Tue 12 February 2013

The Organised Motor Vehicle Theft Squad (OMVTS) is based at the St Kilda Road Police Complex with the Organised Crime Squad. The squad was formed on the 25 March, 2002 and is part of the Crime Department Operations area. The squad is comprised of specialist criminal investigators and intelligence operatives and succeeds the operation of the Stolen Motor Vehicle Squad from 1956 to 1999.

Investigative operations range from the international and interstate importation of stolen vehicles, organised vehicle re-birthing, targeted investigations on groups, preventive operations and extensive industry liaison and interaction. The Organised Crime Investigation Divisional Tasking & Coordination Committee is responsible for approving all operations.

The squad engages in short, medium and long-term operations that are reactive and proactive in nature. This includes the use of traditional investigative methods and an extensive use of physical and electronic surveillance, criminal informers, covert police operatives, forensic accountants and a wide range of specialist services. The squad has adopted a multi-disciplinary approach involving liaison and joint investigative efforts with other State and Federal government regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies.

The Organised Motor Vehicle Theft Squad:

  • Identifies, investigates and prosecutes, prevents and disrupts professional motor vehicle theft activity.
  • Maintains operational liaison and cooperation with regional Vehicle Theft Task Groups, external law enforcement and relevant government regulatory agencies.
  • Liaises and formulates coordinated partnerships with vehicle industry stakeholders in order to reduce the impact of professional motor vehicle theft activity.
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