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Renewing an existing licence

Release date: Mon 19 December 2011

Last updated: Fri 18 May 2018

You will be sent a reminder letter advising that it is time to renew your licence eight weeks before your licence expires. If you do not receive this renewal form four weeks before your licence expires, please contact Licensing & Regulation Division and a reprint of the renewal form will be sent to you.

Your reminder letter will include a list of any firearm registered to you in Victoria. You must review this list and advise LRD in writing of any errors or firearms missing from this list. Your renewal application cannot be processed until you either

  • Sign the list to confirm it is correct (even where the list correctly states that you do not own any firearms) or
  • Inform LRD in writing of any errors.

Key points to remember:

  • The licence you are applying for must be suitable for the category of firearm you wish to possess, carry, use or deal in;
  • You must provide sufficient documentation that is current to demonstrate your genuine reason for holding the licence type you are applying for. Please refer to the firearm genuine reason evidence requirements (new and renewal) published on our forms and reference informaiton page;
  • Incomplete applications cannot be processed and are returned to the applicant; and 
  • All completed applications and supporting documentation should be forwarded to LRD. 

Transitioning from a Junior Licence to an Adult Licence

A junior licence will be considered valid beyond the 18th birthday of the licence holder if the junior licence holder submits an application for a full licence in the same category before their 18th birthday. A reminder letter with a new application form will be sent to a junior licence holder prior to the expiry of thier junior licence.

Where an application is received by the LRD prior to the 18th birthday of the junior licence holder, the licence will remain valid until a determination on the full adult licence application is made by the Chief Commissioner of Police.

Juniors who are awaiting a determination on their full licence must still abide by the conditions in their junior licence, including the requirements to carry and use firearms under supervision. Failure abide with the conditions may affect any pending licence applications.

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