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Release date: Fri 24 July 2015

Last updated: Fri 24 July 2015

As at 1 September 2015, with the introduction of the Justice Legislation Amendment Act 2015, any non-prohibited person  who is 16 years of age or over, may participate in paintball gaming on an approved Victorian range without a licence.

However, you may only own a paintball marker if it is for the purpose of participating in events, you are 18 years of age or over, and you hold a paintball marker licence.  This licence cannot be issued for any other purpose than paintball gaming. If you wish to hold a paintball marker licence you must successfully complete a paintball marker safety course.

For information about owning a paintball marker, please visit the applying for a new firearm licence page of this site.

Additionally, paintball ranges are no longer required to provide the fingerprints of employees engaged solely for the purpose of officiating paintball games.

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