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About Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation Teams

Release date: Fri 8 June 2012

Last updated: Mon 29 December 2014

About Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation Teams

What is a SOCIT?

Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation Teams (SOCITs) are teams of specialist detectives who are trained to investigate the complex crimes of sexual assault and child abuse.

The role of a SOCIT is to:

  • Investigate crime
  • Apprehend offenders
  • Work in partnership with other services to ensure an empathetic, professional and comprehensive response to victims of sexual assault and child abuse
  • Initiate prevention and reduction strategies

In association with other agencies, the SOCITs deal with a case from the time of disclosure, through the investigation process and then on to court. This model means that victims will be able to establish an ongoing relationship and trust with one or two police members and won't have to continually retell their personal experiences.

There are SOCIT units throughout Victoria, which vary in size depending on their location and work requirements. You can contact your local police station to find your nearest SOCIT, or click here.


Multidisciplinary Centres (MDCs)

Multidisciplinary Centres (MDCs) involve multiple agencies working collaboratively to provide an integrated and holistic response to victims of sexual assault from a single location. Better integration and co-location of various agencies has the capacity to significantly improve the response to sexual offending.

The MDCs aim to:

  • Improve and integrate the investigation of sexual offences and child abuse
  • Improve the quality of evidence in sexual offences and child abuse cases
  • Improve support for victims
  • Increase reporting of sexual offences and reduce attrition
  • Improve the capacity of agencies to work collaboratively

Currently there are three MDCs located in Frankston, Geelong and Mildura. Three further MDCs are yet to be established in Bendigo, Latrobe Valley and Metropolitan Melbourne.

Co-located specialist professionals include:

  • Victoria Police Sexual Offences Child Abuse Investigation Teams (SOCITs)
  • Department of Human Services (DHS) Child Protection
  • Centres Against Sexual Assault (CASA) Counsellors/Advocates


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