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Highway Collection Permits

Release date: Fri 28 July 2017

Last updated: Wed 13 September 2017

Highway Collection Permits

A highway collection permit must be obtained by anyone wishing to collect money on Victorian Roads.

Highway Collections - refer to Road Safety (Traffic Management) Regulations 2009 - Section 28

An organisation may only conduct 50 collections per calendar year, where each intersection is counted as 1 collection.

Collections may only be conducted at an intersection where there are lights controlling the follow of traffic and where no road speed is greater than 70km.

In order to obtain a highway collection permit a highway collection application form must be completed and submitted in full to the State Event Planning Unit 1 month prior to the collection date.

Application forms must be submitted with council approval and a relevant Certificate of Insurance for the date of collection.

Any intersection on the borders of more than one council boundary must submit approval from both councils.


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