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Release date: Wed 24 October 2012

Last updated: Tue 18 October 2016

In this section, you will find information relating to Investigators. In addition, you will find relevant applications, fees, training requirements, training organisations and additional information. If you still need assistance, please contact Licensing & Regulation Division.

What is an Investigator?

A person who on behalf of another person is employed or retained to obtain and furnish information as to the personal character or actions of any person or as to the character or nature of the business or occupation of any person or alternatively be employed to search for missing persons.

Applications Forms

Training Requirements

Please click here for Investigator Training Requirements

Registered Training Organisations

Please click here for a full list Registered Training Organisations

Additional Information

Contact Details

For further information or help, please e-mail you enquiry with your contact details to the Licensing & Regulation Division at


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