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Equality is not the same

Release date: Mon 22 December 2014

Last updated: Thu 18 February 2016

Equality is not the same

Victoria Police released the Equality is not the same report in December 2013 as a direct result of extensive community consultation, aimed at improving the way police engage with diverse communities.

The report included a three year action plan that established a clear direction for Victoria Police to strengthen community trust and confidence in police.

The name of the report comes from the notion that treating people the same doesn't mean treating people equally.

Equality is not the same reports

Each year Victoria Police reports back to the community on the progress made through yearly reports which can be found below.

Background to Equality is not the same
In February 2013, upon settlement of litigation in the Federal Court of Australia alleging the existence of the practice of racial profiling within Victoria Police, in an agreed statement Victoria Police announced it would:

(1) Invite community comment about, and then undertake an examination of

  • The policy of Victoria Police on field contacts, including the collection of data concerning field contacts; and
  • Cross Cultural training provided within Victoria Police

(2) Publish a public report on the results of this examination and announce what actions will be taken in response to these results, by 31 December 2013.

In June 2013, Victoria Police invited community members to provide feedback on cross cultural training and 'field contact' policies and processes, asking individuals and organisations from across the state to make submissions.

The consultation process received more than 70 submissions, bringing a number of themes to our attention, including communication issues between police members and the community, how field contacts are used, what constitutes 'suspicious behaviour', perceived targeting of particular community groups, and confidence or community understanding of the internal Victoria Police complaints process.

The consultation process also included a series of community forums to discuss these themes in greater detail, as well as commissioning independent reviews into our current cross-cultural training, field contact policies and processes.

To ensure the integrity and transparency of the process, Mr Julian Gardner was appointed as an independent person, and provided valuable advice.

The outcomes from this process were used to help formulate recommendations for Victoria Police to improve our current policies and processes and enable us to serve the community better.

This feedback was incorporated into the 'Equality is not the same' report above.

For more information on the outcomes of Equality is not the same please see the below.

Community Engagement

Cultural, Community and Diversity Education Strategy

Receipting Proof of Concept (RPOC)

Police and Protective Services Officers (PSOs) have been issueing receipts in Moonee Valley, Boroondara, Greater Dandenong and Mildura areas as a part of a receipting proof of concept.

For more information visit the Receipting Proof of Concept (RPOC)  webpage.

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