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2017 National Firearms Amnesty

Release date: Fri 16 June 2017

Last updated: Thu 29 June 2017


Frequently Asked Questions about the amnesty in Victoria

Terms of Reference for the 2017 National Firearms Amnesty in Victoria

Locate your nearest nominated licensed firearm dealer

List of  nominated licensed firearm dealers in Victoria

Amnesty Resources for Licenced Firearm Dealers



From 1 July to 30 September 2017, all states and territories in Australia will be participating in a National Firearms Amnesty.

During the amnesty, Victoria Police will not prosecute a person in possession of unregistered firearms, cartridge ammunition, imitation firearms or weapons for the purpose of surrender. Non-prosecution will not extend to possession in any other circumstance.

In Victoria, any person who wants to surrender a firearm, firearm-related article (e.g. cartridge ammunition, barrels etc.) or weapon should surrender these items to a Licensed Firearms Dealer and not directly to police. Where a person is appropriately licenced they may be able to register or sell surrendered items.

Items surrendered to licensed firearms dealers that are not acquired by appropriately licensed individuals will be forfeited to police for destruction.

Victoria Police will collect information about the items surrendered during the amnesty for reporting purposes and for registration of surrendered firearms using records kept by Licensed Firearms Dealers accepting surrendered items. This information not will be used to identify a person surrendering items under the amnesty.

If you have firearms or weapons for surrender that you think may have military or historical significance please contact the Victorian RSL on 9655 5555 to the potential to donate these items.  

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