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Release date: Fri 1 July 2016

Last updated: Thu 1 December 2016

The Freedom of Information Act 1982 gives members of the community a legally enforceable right to information held by the government.  Victoria Police supports this right by:

  • Making information about Victoria Police operations available to the public
  • Making all rules and information about practices readily available to those affected by them
  • Facilitating a general right of access to documents held by Victoria Police. (This access is limited only by the proper application of exceptions and exemptions provided for under the Freedom of Information Act 1982.)
  • Delivering an efficient, timely and reasonably-costed process for disclosing information.

How to make a request

You may make a request by sending a letter or application form requesting access to documents together with a cheque or money order for the FOI application fee $27.90.

If payment of the application fee would cause hardship, then please provide evidence that you qualify to have this fee waived eg. a Centrelink Healthcare card. You will also need to provide proof of identification (ie. birth certificate or a driver's licence). If you are a solicitor submitting a request on your client's behalf, you will need to provide a signed authority from your client.

The letter should be sent to the FOI Officer at:

Freedom of Information Office
Victoria Police
GPO Box 913
Melbourne 3001

Telephone: (61 3) 9247 6801

Your letter should set out clearly the document(s) you require from Victoria Police, as well as providing sufficient detail to enable the document(s) you are seeking to be identified.

Please note that this office does not have a customer service counter and accordingly any contact must be made via telephone or in writing.

Alternatively, requests may be made online by accessing the Freedom of Information Online website at by clicking on the link

What happens to your request?

Once Victoria Police has received your FOI request and the FOI Application Fee, Victoria Police must respond to you in writing as soon as practicable but not later than 45 days outlining its decision on your request.

If Victoria Police refuses you access to the documents sought, you can appeal to the Freedom of Information Commissioner for a review of the decision. You must do so within 28 days of the date the decision was sent to you. The FOI Commissioner has 30 days to conduct its review, unless the applicant agrees to an extended period in writing. The lodgement of a request for a review is not subject to any fees or costs. For further information see

If you wish to appeal further to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal you must do so within 60 days of the date you were notified of the FOI Commissioner's decision.

Need more information?

Further information regarding Freedom of Information can be obtained from can be obtained from the Freedom of Information Commissioner website at or the Freedom of Information Online website at

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