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Release date: Mon 11 August 2008

Last updated: Wed 22 July 2015

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Relocation of Front Counter Services
Licensing & Regulation Division

Relocation of Licensing & Regulation Division Front Counter Services
Licensing & Regulation Division will be relocating our services to Tower 1, as of 8 June 2015 to 637 Flinders Street Docklands 3008 (entry via Flinders street).

In order to provide a more personalised approach attendance at the counter will be by appointment only. There will no longer be a drop in service and customers will need to forward all applications/renewals/correspondence to:

Licensing & Regulation Division
GPO Box2807
Melbourne VIC 3001

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Private Security Industry

The private security industry encompasses a broad range of activities including security guarding, crowd controllers, investigators, bodyguards, private security trainers, security advisors and equipment installers. The Private Security Act 2004 was enacted to preserve the safety and peace of all Victorians with regards to private security.

Any person or business undertaking private security activities in the State of Victoria must be the holder of a Private Security Licence or Registration issued by Victoria Police.

The private security industry is regulated by Victoria Police's Licensing & Regulation Division (LRD). LRD is responsible for:

  • Granting private security licences and registrations, including renewals 
  • Approval of training and trainers 
  • Compliance and enforcement activities

Contact us
Licensing & Regulation Division
Victoria Police Centre
637 Flinders Street
Docklands, VIC, 3008

GPO Box 2807
Melbourne, VIC, 3001

Phone: 1300 651 645
Fax: (03) 9247 6485

Front Counter Service Hours

  • Monday: 11:00am to 3:00pm
  • Wednesday: 11:00am to 3:00pm
  • Friday: 11:00am to 3:00pm

From this page, you can find information on the following:


               Register of Private Security Licence, Registration and Permit holders


               Private Security Licences        



   Private Security Business Licences

Security Guarding (Incorporating armed and unarmed guard, guard with a dog, cash in transit, control room operator and monitoring centre operator)
Crowd Control



                 Private Security Registrations

  Private Security Business Registrations         

Security Adviser
Security Equipment Installer


               Renewing a private security licence or registration


               Notification of change of address/ change of details

               Forms and Downloads

               News and Events


               Frequently Asked Questions

               Alarm Response and Alpha Codes

               Positional Asphyxia

               Trainer Organisations

               Training Requirements

               Applying for a licence in Victoria under mutual recognition

               Eligibility requirements (page under construction)

               Approved Security Industry Organisations

               Application for a visitor permit

               Providing Feedback to the Licensing & Regulation Division


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