Message from the Chief Commissioner

Constable Chris and Constable Kitty

Thu 2 December 2010

Hi kids,

My name is Constable Chris and this is Constable Kitty.

Constable Kitty and I have been at Victoria Police for the last four years.  We graduated from the same squad at the Police Academy where we studied for 20 weeks to become police.  We were very happy and proud the day we graduated. 

After graduating, we were sent to work at the same station as general duties members.  We do all sorts of different jobs like foot patrols, directing traffic and working in the divisional van.  Our police station is a 24-hour station so we work all sorts of different hours of the day, known as shift work.  After doing that for a couple of years we needed to change stations.  When you are just starting out as a police members you need lots of experience in different situations and locations, so Constable Kitty and I went to work in the country for a while.  We spent another two years working in the country learning lots of new things.

After finishing our work at the country station we came back to work in the city to create a great new website for kids all about Victoria Police.

We have gathered lots of fantastic information for you about different areas of Victoria Police - we even have games, puzzles, photos, wallpapers and videos too.  There is even a section to help you out with any school projects you might do about police, and heaps of information to keep you safety smart.

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