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Release date: Fri 9 April 2010

Last updated: Mon 5 January 2015

Victoria Police Honours & Awards

Victoria Police has a range of honours and awards that are available to its employees. These include internal, external and national awards, recognising outstanding achievements and contributions by all employees.

The awards are administered by the Victoria Police Honours & Awards Unit on behalf of the Honours & Awards Committee.

National Police Service Medal (Retrospective)

The National Police Service Medal (NPSM) is awarded in recognition of 15 years ethical and diligent service of police officers.

On 12 April 2014, the Prime Minister and Minister for Justice announced an extension to the eligibility for the NPSM to service on or after 14 February, 1975.

At this early stage, with administrative procedures still to be developed and a large number of newly eligible candidates, it is not possible to indicate when the award of the NPSM to former officers will take place.

Updates and announcements will be posted on this webpage as soon as further information comes to hand.

External Awards (in order of precedence)

Public Service Medal

The Public Service Medal (PSM) is awarded for outstanding public service and is awarded on Australia Day and Queen's Birthday each year.

Australian Police Medal

The Australian Police Medal (APM) recognises distinguished service by a sworn police officer and is awarded on Australia Day and Queen's Birthday each year.

Police Overseas Service Medal

The Police Overseas Service Medal (POSM) recognises service by employees of Australian police forces with international peacekeeping organisations.

Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal

The Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal (HOSM) honours members of recognised Australian groups that perform humanitarian service overseas in hazardous circumstances.

National Emergency Medal

The National Emergency Medal (NEM) recognises the service to others during a national emergency.

National Police Service Medal

The National Police Service Medal (NPSM) is awarded in recognition of the ethical and diligent service of police officers.

National Medal

Available to sworn police employees only, the National Medal (NM) is awarded to specified categories of employees from recognised organisations for diligent service and good conduct over a sustained period. Issued for 15 years service with a clasp issued for each additional 10 years of eligible service.

Further information on any of the awards listed above please check


Victoria Police Internal Awards - Bravery and Service Excellence

Valour Award

The Victoria Police Valour Award is awarded to sworn police employees for a particular incident involving an act that displayed exceptional bravery in extremely perilous circumstances.

Medal for Excellence

Awarded to an employee/s who has/have demonstrated a consistent commitment to exceeding the organisational goals and priorities of Victoria Police.

Medal for Courage

Awarded to an employee/s who has/have performed an act of courage in fulfilment of their duties in dangerous and volatile operational circumstances.

Medal for Merit

Awarded to an employee/s who has/have demonstrated exemplary service to Victoria Police and the Victorian community.

Unit/Group Citation - Courage or Merit

As per the Medal for Courage and/or Medal for Merit criteria.

Department or Regional Commendation

A Department or Regional Commendation provides recognition of exceptional performance or service.

Divisional Commendation

A Divisional Commendation provides recognition of exceptional performance or exceptional service.

Unit or Group Commendation

A Unit or Group Commendation can be awarded at Department, Regional or Divisional level.

Members Killed or Seriously Injured

Victoria Police Star

The Victoria Police Star is an award for employees killed or seriously injured, on or off duty.


Ethical/Diligent Service 

Victoria Police Service Medal

The Victoria Police Service Medal (VPSM) is recognition by the Chief Commissioner of the sustained diligent and ethical service of Victoria Police employees. Medal issued for 10 years service with a clasp issued for each further period of 5 years eligible service.

Due to recent change in the eligibility criteria, the VPSM is now available to former employees who left Victoria Police prior to the introduction of the VPSM on 26th February 1996.

If you are a former Victoria Police employee and feel that you meet the eligibility criteria, please look at the applicant guide before downloading and completing the nomination form:

Vicoria Police Service Medal - Applicant guide

Victoria Police Service Medal - Application form (VP 1350) 


Thirty-Five Years Service Award

The 35 Years Service Award recognises employees who have an extensive and dedicated employment history with Victoria Police.

Internal Awards to Community Members

Citizen's Commendation

A Citizen's Commendation is awarded to a community member who has performed a conspicuous act of bravery or provided exemplary service in connection with Victoria Police operations or for the community.

Company/Business Commendation

A Company/Business Commendation is awarded for performing or providing exemplary service or assistance in connection with any Victoria Police operation or for the community.

For further information on Victoria Police's Internal awards contact the Victoria Police Honours & Awards Unit at or by writing to the Honours & Awards Unit, C/O 637 Flinders Street, DOCKLANDS VIC 3008.

External Bravery Awards

Victoria Police provides information to the Australian Bravery Decorations Council and the Royal Humane Society for consideration of recognition by those organisations. 

Further information on these organisations and their awards can be found by clicking on the links below:

Australian Bravery Decorations -

Royal Humane Society -

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