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Permit to conduct an event on a public road

Release date: Thu 2 February 2006

Last updated: Wed 19 March 2014

Any person wanting to conduct events that are on or involve public roads, such as foot or bicycle races, including a rolling road closure either within the event itself or as a separate event, marathons and half marathons etc, must obtain a permit if the event involves more than 30 competitors and one of the competitors will be declared a winner at the conclusion of the event.

Events that fall within the above criteria, require local council and/or VicRoads approval. An event that falls outside of the above requirement may still require those approvals.

Information in relation to the conditions relating to the conduct of the event can be obtained by downloading the Highway Event Application Form.

If you are unsure whether your event requires a Highway Event Permit, further information can be obtained by contacting -

Victoria Police Centre
637 Flinders Street
Telephone (61 3) 9247 5714
Facsimile (61 3) 9247 5725

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