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Alpha Codes and alarm responses

An Alpha Code is a three letter code issued by the Licensing and Regulation Division (LRD) to licensed and graded security monitoring companies to allow them to obtain police assistance for category 'A' alarms.

Category A alarms

Types of category A alarms include holdup alarms, fixed duress alarms, high risk premises alarms, multi-sector or multi-break alarms, or communication failure alarms.

Category A duress alarms only include those that have a dedicated duress alarm button installed in the secured premises. Police will not respond to alarms caused by power failures or telephone/broadband outages. It is the responsibility of the alarm monitoring company to ascertain if a power or other infrastructure failure caused the alarm prior to contacting 000 (triple zero).

Any person or business that requires category 'A' alarm responses should only use security monitoring companies that hold a current Alpha Code. See the list of Victorian private security companies holding current Alpha Codes above.

Victoria Police's alarm-response procedures

The Victoria Police alarm response procedures are developed partnership with the private security industry and outline that alarms are allocated into three defined categories.

In order for Victoria Police to respond to the highest category of alarm, Category 'A' alarms, security companies must contact Victoria Police by calling 000 (triple zero) and communicate their Alpha Code.

Obtaining an Alpha Code

If your security monitoring business is based in Victoria, you will need to be the holder of a Victorian Private Security Business Licence. If your business operations are based in another state but you have Victorian clients you may be eligible to be issued with an Alpha Code.

Alpha Codes can only be granted by Victoria Police to licensed and graded security monitoring businesses. Applications for an Alpha Code can be made in writing via post or email to

Requests must be marked for the attention of the Compliance Support Unit and contain the following:

  • full business name and address
  • details of the monitoring company's primary contact, including contact details and email address
  • authority/permission to add the company details to the Victorian Police website as an Alpha Code business
  • copy of current grading certificate
  • copy of current business licence if not licensed in Victoria

On receipt of all required information, an Alpha Code will be issued to the monitoring company together with specific information relevant to Victoria Police's alarm response procedures. There is no cost to obtain an Alpha Code from Victoria Police.

Where a company ceases to operate a monitoring centre, and/or no longer requires an Alpha Code, they must promptly notify Licensing and Regulation Division in writing.

Grading certificate renewal

Prior to the expiry of a security monitoring company's current grading certificate, the company must provide evidence to Licensing and Regulation Division of their grading renewal. If evidence of grading renewal is not provided to Licensing and Regulation Division the company's Alpha Code may be withdrawn.

Victoria Police does not issue grading certificates for security monitoring companies. For more information about obtaining a grading certificate contact:

Reviewed 23 December 2019