Victoria Police Annual Report 2012-2013 - page 66

4. Portfolio highlights and key operations
Our response
The transport of stolen
goods, goods avoiding
duty, including tobacco,
illicit firearms, drugs
or equipment for the
manufacture of illicit drugs
and people trafficking
Crime and Traffic Connecting on Highways (CATCH)
CATCH commenced in 2009 in Southern Metropolitan Region and has been
adopted by other regions and states. The program was adapted from a
Canadian initiative, Operation Pipeline, to combat crime that uses our roads
as part of illegal activities. The program trains operational police to recognise
behaviours indicating motorist involvement in illegal activity and likely places of
concealment on or within vehicles.
As at 30 June 2013, CATCH seizures in Victoria included over 50 guns, including
sawn-off shotguns, handguns, pen pistols; 45 Tasers; numerous weapons,
including knives, machetes, swords and knuckledusters; over $1m in cash from
proceeds of crime; over $3m worth of drugs including methamphetamines,
MDMA, Ice and GHB; and over $750,000 worth of tobacco/cigarettes.
Terrorism and violent
International incidents in
2012-13 highlighted the
need to develop a better
understanding of the
causes of radicalisation and
The Counter Terrorism Coordination Unit, in conjunction with Monash University, has
developed a training package for frontline police to raise awareness of Australia’s
current threat environment. The training includes education around observable
behaviours that may indicate when a person or group is radicalising towards
violence. To date, approximately 170 Victoria Police members have participated
in the training trials. Under the auspices of the Australian New Zealand Counter
Terrorism Committee, the training package will also be trialled in Queensland and
Western Australia to assess its suitability for national application. Following these
trials, a final ‘e-learning’ package will be developed for the use of all frontline staff.
Specialist Operations
During 2012-13, the Special Operations Group hosted an international counter-
terrorism roping training course. The activities included storming a terrorist-
controlled Queenscliff ferry, fast-roping into the MCG, climbing Mt Arapiles and
abseiling down the Rialto Towers. Police officers from similar tactical units in
Canada, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Singapore joined the three week
course, which also included members of the Australian Defence Force, MFB
and the Australian Federal Police.
Natural disasters
Several of our regions were
involved in a number of
fire incidents throughout
January, February and
March 2013, including grass
and bush fires.
Eastern Region played a significant role in fire control this year. Police
management was embedded in Incident Control Centres and Incident Police
Operations Centres. Eastern Region also conducted an inter-agency workshop
for vulnerable communities with a particular focus on geospatial mapping
between police, CFA and local councils. Evacuation planning was also
undertaken by Victoria Police for 18 communities.
In the lead up to the 2012-13 fire season, North West Metro Region participated
in Operation Dynamo, a joint exercise with the CFA and State Emergency
Services where approximately 100 emergency services personnel tested their
fire preparedness and evacuation plans. Lessons learnt in the exercise were
incorporated into local plans that were then enacted on a number of occasions.
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