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Bree Blair – Missing Persons Squad

Monday, 14 May 2018 23:11

Bree Blair loves mulling over a mystery.

She also loves playing netball.

And since joining Victoria Police 12 years ago, she’s been able to do both.

The Detective Senior Constable from the Missing Persons Squad helps find closure for families and in her down time travels the state, country and world playing with the Victoria Police netball team.

“I joined Victoria Police because I wanted a career that had lots of variety,” she said.

“When I first started my career, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. There’s so many different options of where you can go; there’s so many areas I didn’t even know about when I first started. It wasn’t until I got out there, did some jobs and interacted with others and found what I was good at, what I liked, that I decided.

“I first became interested in investigations through this one job. One of my colleagues asked me to assist in taking a statement from a young girl in relation to an assault. We were roughly about the same age and she really opened up to me about what had happened to her. She divulged a rape and I was absolutely amazed at how she opened up to me and told me about one of the most horrible experiences of her entire life and she’d known me for maybe half an hour so. That was my calling to work with victims.

“I was able to gain her trust and respect and I was able to help her. I sat with her for hours and I took at statement, I think it was 17 pages. It was the longest statement I’d ever taken at that stage of my career. I then had to contact the local detectives to report it as I was only uniform and I didn’t want to hand it over, I wanted to continue as I’d put so much into it. That made me want to become a detective. I wanted to investigate it from the start and continue it all the way through to court.”

Ever since joining, Det Sen Const Blair has been part of the Victoria Police Netball team and said she never would have had the opportunity to play overseas if she hadn’t picked policing.

“It’s just fantastic. Through playing netball I’ve met so many girls and guys from all over Victoria,” she said.

“I’ve been lucky enough to represent Victoria Police playing netball in America, Europe and NZ, we also play interstate against the other police forces and emergency services and it’s a really good experience for us to have a bit of a break from the job and get out and have some fun when we all have a common link.”

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Reviewed 13 February 2019