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Change of address, personal details or circumstances

Firearm licence holders have an obligation to notify the Licensing and Regulation Division of any change of details within 14 days of the change occurring. This includes change of residential address, postal address and ordinary storage address.

From 1 October 2019 plastic licences will no longer display the holder’s residential address, this change will apply to all firearm licences and be evident on all new and renewal licences approved from 1 October 2019. This does not impact obligations to inform the LRD of a change of details. Should you wish to have your licence issued without your residential address displayed prior to renewing your licence you will need to complete the duplicate licence application form (below) and pay the applicable fee.

Moving within Victoria or interstate

Complete this form and provide all requested information.


Changed your name

If you change your name you will need to supply certified documentation to support the change, which includes:

  • a change of name certificate issued by the Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages
  • your full birth certificate (including the schedule of all names changes)
  • your marriage certificate

Certified documentation must be submitted via post and will not be accepted via email.

Only certified copies will be accepted. Once your request has been processed, you will receive, by post, instructions for making payment for a new licence card and for having a new photo taken.

A certified document is a copy of a document or record signed and certified as a true copy of an original by an authorised person. The person certifying a document must sight a copy of the original at the time they are certifying the copy.

Complete this form and provide all requested information.

See the list of authorised persons:

Lost, stolen or damaged licence

You must notify Licensing and Regulation Division in writing as soon as you become aware that your plastic licence is lost, stolen or damaged.

Complete a Request for Duplicate Licence form

Contact us

Any requests for changes to details on your current licence or permit must be made in writing.

Post: Licensing and Regulation Division GPO Box 2807, Melbourne, VIC, 3001

Reviewed 01 October 2019