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Parking safe

Release date: Mon 27 August 2007

Last updated: Mon 23 December 2013

Bicycle and vehicle theft is often a crime of opportunity. You can reduce the opportunity by using the following advice to reduce the risk of theft occuring.

Securing bicycles at transport areas

  • At train stations secure your bicycle in the designated bicycle area only.
  • Secure both the frame and wheels of your bicycle.
  • Secure your bicycle with a good quality lock. 
  • Take any easily removable bicycle equipment such as lights or a helmet with you.
  • Bicycle lockers are at most suburban train stations and some country stations, free of charge. Use these if available.

Car parking

  • Always remove the keys from your vehicle when leaving it unattended. 
  • When leaving your vehicle unattended always lock the vehicle and close all windows. 
  • Remove valuables such as wallets, briefcases, handbags, loose change, laptops, mobile phones, CDs, and tools from display. 
  • Remove the global positioning system (GPS) from display, as well as support bracket and suction pads if possible.
  • If possible, park your vehicle in a space where it will be clearly visible during the day and at night. 
  • When returning to your vehicle from a station or stop, have your keys ready in your hand allowing for simple passage into your vehicle. 
  • To minimise the risk of theft of older vehicles install a certified engine immobiliser. This shuts down the vehicle engine should an attempt to start the vehicle without the key be made.
  • Install a petrol cap with a lock.
  • Replace any standard number plate screws with one-way security screws to help prevent number plate theft.



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