Message from the Chief Commissioner

Det Sen Const Richard Bell

Thu 2 December 2010

SDet Richard Bell

Name: Richard Bell 

Rank: Detective Senior Constable

What area do you work in?

I’m a detective at the Boroondara Crime Investigation Unit.

What does your job involve?

  • Having sound practical investigation skills and an extensive knowledge of criminal law to effectively carry out criminal investigations.
  • Investigating serious criminal offences to identify the offender and then bringing that offender before the court.
  • Taking control of and managing crime scenes (places where a crime has been committed).
  • Finding evidence to help solve a crime.
  • Attending at court and giving evidence in the witness box.
  • Lots of paperwork and report writing.
  • Assisting other members.

When did you join Victoria Police?

I joined Victoria Police in 1995.

Why did you want to become a police member?

I wanted to be able to help people, and make our community safer by catching the bad guys.

What types of training have you done?

To be a detective, I had to do all of the training that a normal police member does, and then I did the Field Investigation and Detective Training School courses.  I had to learn the latest techniques of crime detection, using the most modern forensic procedures and applications presently available to members of Victoria Police.

Detectives are awarded the Advanced Diploma of Public Safety (Police Investigation).

Do you enjoy being a police member? Why?

Yes, I enjoy being a detective because I get to help people and I also get to catch bad people and take them to court.

What is the most exciting thing about your job?

Catching a bad person, because it shows that I have done my job well.

What advice would you give to kids who would like to become police when they grow up?

  • Stay in school as long as you can.
  • Be nice to your brother or sister.  
  • Do as your mother tells you.
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