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Special Operations Group (SOG)

Release date: Wed 20 June 2007

Last updated: Mon 20 February 2012

The Victoria Police Special Operations Group (SOG) provides the Victorian community with an armed offender and counter terrorist response capacity. The SOG also acts as Victoria's 'Bomb Squad' which deals with the safe disposal of explosive devices.


The Special Operations Group was formed in 1977. Its main function was to provide a response to politically motivated and criminal terrorist activity. Today, this remains the number one priority for the Special Operations Group.

Responding to critical incidents

The SOG responds to unplanned operational critical incidents such as sieges and siege hostage situations, armed offender tasks and bomb response incidents. The squad also assists operational police in planned operations involving apprehension of dangerous suspects

Developing non-lethal tactics

In recent years the SOG has developed a range of non-lethal options for dealing with violent suspects. Less-lethal tactics have been used to resolve situations involving violent criminal suspects and persons with a mental disorder.

Providing specialist skills and equipment

The SOG also provides specialist assistance in performing tasks which are beyond the scope of operational police. Some of these tasks may require specialist equipment or expertise in certain areas.

The Victoria Police Special Operations Group has a proud history of excellence in a difficult field of policing. The SOG's highly trained professional officers provide a valuable service to Victoria Police and the Victorian community.  


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