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History of Airlie

Release date: Mon 5 July 2010

Last updated: Mon 19 December 2016


Airlie is a magnificent Victorian mansion set on significant grounds, it is listed on the Heritage Victoria register and it has played an important role in Victoria's war time, health and police history.

Built in 1873 as a private home for the Ogilvy family, the home is named after their ancestral castle in Scotland.

In World War Two the armed services operated out of Airlie and were home to the special operations group Z Force. Z force organised clandestine operations, coastal watch & Intel missions in Japanese occupied territories. Staff intercepted messages from the enemy and cryptographers worked on solving these.

In 1950 Airlie was utilised as a Tuberculosis hospital for the Health Department. As the incidence of TB was on the decline Airlie was gifted to the Victoria Police on 28 February 1958. It was originally utilised as a live in training college for police officers.

Further information can be found at the Heritage Victoria website.


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