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Requirement to be Fingerprinted & Obtaining a National Police Records Check Certificate

Release date: Thu 12 May 2011

Last updated: Thu 7 June 2018

From 4 July 2011, new legislation introduces a requirement that all persons in relation to a private security licence application (both individual and business) undergo a National Police Records Check (including National name check and fingerprint records search). This requirement applies to:

  • new private security licence applications; and
  • certain persons associated with private security business licences (i.e. nominated person, officers of the body corporate including the director(s), secretary, executive officer(s) and any close associates).

All persons that fall into the above category must:

  1. Arrange to complete their National Police Records Check (including National Name Check and fingerprint records search) prior to lodging their application; and
  2. Attach a certified copy of the National Police Records Check Certificate to your application and submit your completed application to the Licensing & Regulation Division. In the case of an application for a private security business licence, Certificates must be supplied for each person associated with that business licence.

For information pertaining to the process, locations and cost of obtaining a National Police Records Check and taking your fingerprints go to

* Please note, applicants requiring a National Police Records Check certificate for the purpose of obtaining a Private Security Licence in Victoria, must lodge an application and be fingerprinted by the Records Services Division of Victoria Police. This service is not provided by the Licensing & Regulation Division.

Criminal history checks from private suppliers (regardless of whether they are accredited by Crimtrac) will not be accepted as part of your application for a Private Security Licence as these suppliers are unable to issue the necessary certificate, nor do they fingerprint applicants- a requirement of the Private Security Act 2004.

For additional information on how to obtain a National Police Records Check certificate please click here

Frequently asked questions about fingerpriting and National Police Record Check requirements can be found on the Fingerprinting and Criminal History Check FAQs page of the Victoria Police website.

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