Message from the Chief Commissioner

Forensic Services Department Turn Around Times and Backlogs

Release date: Fri 2 September 2011

Last updated: Mon 3 September 2018

Some of the units at the Forensic Services Department have backlogs for the examination of exhibits. The attached document is provided for the information of :

  • Magistrates and Judges,
  • Police members setting Court dates,
  • Police Prosecutions, and
  • Office of Public Prosecutions, and
  • Legal Counsel representing the defendant

Turn around time (TAT) is the time to provide a report from the receipt of the case at Forensic Services Department, (not from the date of offence or date of arrest),
The backlog is the number of cases not yet reported,
A report may be a Statement, Certificate or Forensic Report,
A Forensic Report outlines the results obtained from the examination of items, without the complex statistics that would be provided in a Statement: the intent is to assist the judicial system to reach an early resolution. 

This report is reissued every 3 months.

For any enquiries, contact the Forensic Services Department (03) 9450 3444 or email


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