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Release date: Wed 4 January 2012

Last updated: Fri 13 February 2015

The most popular recreational firearm licence in Victoria is a licence issued for the purpose of hunting. You must have a licence to hunt whether you will be hunting on Crown land or on private property.

Holders of a firearms licence issued for the genuine reason of hunting, sport or target shooting or primary production are authorised to hunt on Crown land if such hunting is carried out in accordance with any Act, regulations or other instrument regulating hunting on that land.

Hunters wishing to hunt game in Victoria are also required to hold a game licence in addition to a firearm licence. You will need to contact Game Management Authority (GMA) to apply for a game licence.

If you wish to hunt on private land, you will need permission from the property owner to do so.

References and help

GMA produces the Victorian Hunting Guide which is designed to help you improve the hunting experience and keep up to date with changes to game laws. The guide contains important information about firearm safety, hunter ethics, current bag limits and season dates for all game species in Victoria.Other information on game hunting is also available from their website.

LRD's FAQ page answers your more frequent questions while the News and Events page provides new information as it becomes available.

Licensing & Regulation Division can also assist you with specific queries regarding licensing and enforcement.

If you're ready to become a hunter, LRD's page on applying for a new firearm licence is for you.


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