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Water Wise

Thu 14 November 2013

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Hi kids,

One of the things I like to do when I'm not working is go to the beach or pool with my friends (Freddy also loves to jump in the water!)

Swimming is lots of fun, especially when you are with your friends and family, but it is really important to stay safe when near water because things can go wrong.

It's easy to be water wise, you just need to remember these tips: 

Around the pool:

1. when you are swimming, always make sure that mum, dad or another adult are watching you at all times.

2. never drink water from the pool.

3. after eating make sure you wait at least half an hour before swimming.

4. make sure someone in your family is trained in first aid in case of an emergency.

At the beach:

1. remember to always swim between the flags so the lifesavers are able to see you.

2.if there are no flags at the beach, speak to a lifesaver about the safest place to swim.

3. always swim with a friend, never swim alone.

4. never dive into water that you don't know how deep it is.

5. always wear sunscreen and put on a hat (so you don't get burnt).


Rivers, Lakes and Creeks:

1. never swim alone, swim with a friend.

2. check with an adult that it's ok to swim before jumping in.

3. never dive into water that you don't know how deep it is.


On A Boat:

1. always let someone know where you are going.

2. always wear a life jacket.

3. make sure you have all the proper safety equipment on board.

4. always wear sunscreen and put on a hat.





Fact: The number of drowning deaths in Australia is decreasing. 284 people lost their lives in the water between 1 July, 2011 and 30 June, 2012 which is 26 less than the year before.

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