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Release date: Wed 24 July 2013

Last updated: Wed 21 November 2018

Transit and Public Safety

Whether travelling on a bus, tram or train, there are safety systems and procedures in place to help you feel safer.

This section gives you advice about staying safe while on public transport, planning your trip and safe parking in public transport areas.

Police assist to ensure the safety and security of the travelling public throughout the state's public transit networks.


   Transit Safety Guide

   A pocket sized public transport safety guide provides facts and figures and safe travel tips

Transit Safety Division

What do we do?

The objective of the Transit Safety Division is to provide a police service that ensures the safety and security of the travelling public throughout the state's public transport system.

The responsibilities of the division include:

  • Providing a visible police presence on the public transport system, predominantly in the Melbourne metropolitan area.
  • Investigating crimes that occur on Victorian public transport system both against people and property.
  • Investigating illegal drug activity where it involves the Victorian public transport system.
  • Policing of travel to and from special events such as AFL (football) matches, Grand Prix, New Year's Eve celebrations in the city, Oktoberfest and the Spring Racing Carnival.

What services do we offer?

The services provided by the division include:

  • Uniform patrols which are undertaken on the suburban rail system, metropolitan tram system, buses, stations and other associated facilities. Special tasking teams operate in plain clothes and in a covert manner, targeting identified problem areas.
  • The Crime Investigation Unit is responsible for the investigation of all crimes against the person on the public transport system as well as train derailments involving criminal offences.
  • The Divisional Response Unit is tasked with investigating property crimes and illegal drug activity (including cultivate, manufacture and traffic). It also investigates theft from ticket vending machines and targets anti-social behaviour.

Transit operations

Operation Omni involves Transit police using walk through metal detectors and hand-held wands to conduct random weapons searches at the busy suburban stations.

In accordance with the Control of Weapons Act, Victoria Police declares the area around the station a designated area for a weapons search. This is normally advertised in newspapers and the government gazette in accordance with legislation.

The operation is aimed to remove weapons from the community in line with Victoria Police and the Transit Safety Division's commitment to creating a safe public transport system for the community. Operation Omni is run on a regular basis at targeted areas across the state.

It is illegal to carry a knife or controlled weapon in a public area and those who do risk a $1000 on-the-spot fine.

Passive Alert Detection (PAD) dog operations are also run on a regular basis and target those members of the community who use the public transport system to convey illicit drugs. A dog and its handler walk among the crowd and if the dog detects any type of drugs it will indicate that to its handler. Transit members will then attend and search the suspect for drugs, as the indication by the PAD dog gives reasonable grounds for the search under the Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Act.



Transit Duty Sergeant

Transit Safety Division Administration
Level 4, 637 Flinders Street

Phone: (03) 9247 3800

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