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Release date: Sun 1 January 2017

Last updated: Thu 10 January 2019


Disposal of vehicles impounded / seized


The Victoria Police Vehicle Impoundment Support Unit is responsible for the management and disposal of vehicles impounded / seized by police under section 6A of the Road Safety Act 1986 (RSA). 

In accordance with section 84K(3) of the Road Safety Act 1986 Vehicle Impoundment Support Unit on behalf of the Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police provide notice that all vehicles listed on this page (specifically miniaturised motor cycles) have been impounded and the identity of the owner is unknown. 

Owners who want to make claim for any of the vehicles listed should contact the Vehicle Impoundment Support Unit via e-mail to or phone (03) 8480 1600 during business hours and quote the reference number provided.  Please be advised that proof of ownership will be required.


Road Safety Act 1986 Section 84K (3)
Notice of Impoundment


Make / Identifying Features

 Black and Yellow Atomik Mini Bike                       

Model / Serial No


Seizure Location

Furlong Road Cairnlea VIC 3023

Seizure Date

1st December 2018

This miniaturised motor cycle has been impounded because it was ridden on a road or road related area in contravention of section 65C(1) and the owner may be liable for that offence unless it was stolen or hired or was ridden without the knowledge or consent of the owner.

Maximum Fine - 20 penalty units

If not claimed before 1/3/19 it will be disposed per Road Safety Act 84ZQAB(1)(c)

Claim Referance H165155


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