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Victoria Police Capability Plan 2016-2025

Release date: Thu 3 August 2017

Last updated: Tue 31 July 2018

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Victoria Police Capability Plan 2016-2025: Capability Framework

The Victoria Police Capability Plan 2016-2025 establishes what we need to do as an organisation to continue to be effective and highlights the way we will transform our service delivery to be an agile, responsive, people-focussed and connected organisation. It takes a long-term focus to deliver transformational change within the organisation, and deliver more tailored, responsive services to the community.

The Capability Plan progresses key elements of the Blue Paper: A Vision for Victoria Police in 2025 and outlines the changes we need to make while maintaining and maturing existing capabilities and identifying new ones.

This capability based planning approach is demonstrated through the Capability Plan 2016-2025: Capability Framework. This framework sets the foundation for the Capability Plan which identifies and describes the fundamental inputs to capability, the organisational capabilities (core and enabling), the Blue Paper Transformation Pathways and the outcomes that will be achieved. Using this framework enables coordinated and planned actions to mature these capabilities over the next decade.

The Capability Framework links the annual planning process by establishing the transformation pathways that will highlight areas for capability development in reshaping the way Victoria Police operates by 2025, and guide policy and planning decisions and investment priorities to mature a capability.

These transformation pathways are:

  • Safety - more focused on the health, safety and wellbeing of our people
  • Leadership - more confident, humble, respectful and people focused
  • Agility - more responsive, agile and visible policing
  • Evidence-Based - more evidence-based practices and decision making
  • Victim-Centric - stronger focus on victims, prevention and reduction of harm
  • Gender, Diversity and Flexibility - a more professional, flexible and diverse workforce
  • Technology - leveraging technology to improve policing and business processes
  • Partnerships - stronger partnerships and co-production with stakeholders

 Victoria Police Capability Plan 2016-2025: Capability Framework (PDF)


Victoria Police Capability Plan 2016-2025: Annual Plan 2018 - 2019

The Annual Plan forms a component of the Capability Plan and should be read in conjunction with the Victoria Police Capability Plan 2016-2025: Capability Framework.

This Annual Plan demonstrates our commitment to modernisation and highlights what we will deliver to keep the community safe over the next year. The actions in this Annual Plan represent priorities identified through our capability-based planning approach, continuation of multi-year projects and what we have committed to delivering on behalf of the Victorian Government.



Victoria Police Capability Plan 2016-2025: Annual Plan 2018 - 2019 (PDF)


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