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Release date: Wed 20 June 2007

Last updated: Thu 29 December 2016

ANZPAA National Institute of Forensic Science

The ANZPAA National Institute of Forensic Science advises and assists with the development and coordination of forensic science services in Australia.


The Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine (VIFM) is part of the Coronial Services Centre in South Melbourne.  One function of the VIFM is to determine the medical cause of death, and it employs medical staff, toxicologists and biologists with this aim in mind.   Autopsies are performed by doctors who have specialised in pathology, and the scientists analyse samples taken from the body.   VIFM also performs civil paternity testing for the courts and has medicos who specialise in clinical forensic medicine.

Disaster Victim Identification

Disaster Victim Identification or DVI is the method used to identify victims of mass casualty incidents.  This resource has been produced and endorsed by the Australia New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency Disaster Victim Identification Committee (ADVIC). It is to serve as a guide to families of victims as to what the process is when identifying victims of disasters and other mass fatality incidents. There may be some minor differences between jurisdictions.


A simplified guide to Forensic Science

This guide has been created by the National Forensic Science Technology Centre (USA)




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