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Crime Prevention & Community Safety

Pedestrians and cyclists

Release date: Thu 29 March 2007

Last updated: Fri 22 August 2014


Pedestrian safety is a matter of using your eyes, ears, judgment and common sense.

Pedestrian do's

  • Use traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, pedestrian refuges, and overpasses and underpasses.
  • Establish eye-to-eye contact with drivers to ensure you have been seen.
  • When crossing the road, walk straight across.
  • Keep scanning for oncoming traffic while crossing the road.
  • Children learn road safety by watching adults. Set a good example by always crossing the road at a crossing or at traffic lights.

Pedestrian don'ts

  • Avoid crossing near the crest of a hill or on a bend.
  • Don't step from the kerb until traffic has stopped.
  • Avoid emerging from between parked vehicles.


  • Slow down and be aware of pedestrian movement near schools, shopping centres and other pedestrian areas.
  • Never assume a pedestrian or driver has seen you.
  • Before crossing the road, think about whether any approaching drivers can see you.
  • Make eye contact with drivers if possible.
  • Be seen. At night wear reflective clothing or something light in colour.

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