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Amber light timings at red light camera intersections

Release date: Tue 18 December 2012

Last updated: Mon 21 October 2013

In November 2012, the State Government accepted the recommendation from the Road Safety Camera Commissioner to withdraw and refund red-light fines affected by the amber-light timing at eight intersections. The amber-light timing at the eight affected intersections was found to be inconsistent with Austroads guidelines.

The intersections and the time frames affected are listed below:

  • Terminal Drive & Centre Road, Melbourne Airport (16/11/10 - 24/01/12)
  • Doncaster & Williamsons/Tram Roads, Doncaster (05/10/11 - 07/08/12)
  • Fyans & Moorabool Streets, South Geelong (11/05/10 - 24/08/12)
  • High Street & Mahoneys Road/Keon Parade, Thomastown (20/10/11 - 26/09/12)
  • Warrigal & Centre Roads, Bentleigh East (01/08/10 - 16/08/12)
  • Heatherton & Gladstone Roads, Dandenong North (29/12/04 - 16/08/12)
  • Foster & McCrae Streets, Dandenong (18/10/10 - 16/08/12)
  • Stud Road & High Street Road, Wantirna (28/12/06 - 23/08/12)

The Road Safety Camera Commissioner confirmed that the red-light cameras at these intersections operated correctly in all instances.

VicRoads has confirmed that all signals are now operating in accordance with Austroads guidelines.
To view a copy of the Commissioner's report visit

How does this affect your red-light fine?

Not all red-light fines issued at these intersections were affected and therefore only those that were affected will be withdrawn and refunded.

Do you need to take any action?

Drivers who have been affected do not need to take any action.

Victoria Police will work with Department of Justice in identifying affected infringements and arranging their withdrawal. When the fines are withdrawn, VicRoads will automatically be notified and will remove the relevant demerit points from a person's licence.

If my fine is affected, when will I be notified?

While some older cases may take a little longer, most fines will be withdrawn and refunded.

It is important that you deal with your fine prior to the due date in case it is not affected to prevent further enforcement action on your fine. If you pay your fine and you do receive notification that it will be withdrawn, you will receive a refund of your fine and any associated penalty fees.

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