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Mon 6 January 2014

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In crowds

Let's face it, everytime you step out of your house you are at risk of being injured, getting lost or worse.

That is why it is important to stay safe where ever you go, especially if you are alone or without your parents or guardians.

There are some very important things you should know to help keep you safe if ever you get lost:

1. know your full name, address and telephone number before you leave your house.

2. if you do lose your mum and dad, stay still, do not go searching for them.

3. ask a police member to help you.

4. never accept gifts from strangers or go anywhere with a stranger.

5. if someone tries to grab you, yell 'stranger' as loudly as you can and struggle as much as you can.

6. plan a meeting point with mum and dad before you leave home.


On the train

Victoria PoliceTransit Safety Officers can be seen at train stations and on trains, and their job is to keep people out of harm's way.

Here are some safety tips for you:

1. make sure you know the safest place to stand while you are waiting for the bus, tram or train.

2. be careful when getting on and off public transport - be aware of what is around you.

3. be respectful of other people travelling on public transport.

4. level crossings can be dangerous. Be sure to look both ways and listen before you cross.

5. you must have a ticket to travel on all public transport.

6. if there are no seats available make sure to stand away from the doorway and hold onto the handrail.




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Fact: Did you know 'red light' cameras were introduced on Victorian roads in 1984 to help reduce speeding and keep drivers safe?

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