Message from the Chief Commissioner


Release date: Wed 2 December 2015

Last updated: Fri 7 September 2018


Victoria Police strives to be an inclusive, accessible, equitable and responsive organisation in service delivery, and as an employer, of people with disabilities.

Victoria Police's Accessibility Action Plan (PDF) outlines the organisation's commitment to people with disabilities.

There are four main goals identified to ensure Victoria Police:

  • delivers accessible and equitable policing services
  • is an inclusive and engaging organisation
  • improves its capacity to employ, develop and retain people with disabilities, and
  • is a workforce with the right attitude and right capability.

This action plan has been developed in close alignment with and recognition of the Victorian Disability Act 2006, the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 and the Equal Opportunities Act 2010.

A copy of can be viewed via Accessibility Action Plan (PDF) or Accessibility Action Plan (Word doc).


Victoria Police is committed to providing information in easily accessible formats and has developed Easy English resources to assist people who may have difficulty reading or understanding English or who may have cognitive or intellectual disabilities.

Easy English resources can be downloaded below.


Reporting Crime: Your rights Easy English

The Reporting Crime: your rights (PDF)  resource covers:

  • what a crime is
  • how to report a crime
  • what happens after a crime is reported
  • where to get more help.

The resource was developed in partnership with the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission and incorporated input from a range of stakeholder organisations.

A copy of of the resource is available here Reporting Crime: Your Rights (PDF)  .

Reporting sexual assault Easy English

The Reporting sexual assault resource covers:

  • what sexual assault is
  • what happens when you report sexual assault to police
  • where to get more help.

A copy of of the resource is available here Reporting sexual assault (PDF).


Family Violence: What Police Do Easy English

The Family Violence: What Police Do resources covers:

  • what family violence is
  • what happens when a report of family violence is made to police
  • where to get more help

A copy of the resource is available here Family Violence:What Police Do (PDF)


Making a complaint against police Easy English

The Making a complaint against police resource covers:

  • what a complaint is
  • who you can tell at the police or another independent body
  • the process for solbving your complaint

A copy of the resource is available here How to make a complaint against police (PDF)


Reporting a missing person Easy English

The Reporting a missing person resource covers:

  • what a missing person is
  • how to make a missing persons report
  • the information you will need to provide to police

A copy of the resource is available here How to report a missing person (PDF)

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