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Release date: Tue 4 July 2006

Last updated: Thu 22 March 2018

The use of 'Specialist Filming Vehicles' in a contained and non-contained location
Multi or single-lane film escorts of 'specialist filming vehicles' such as tracking and/or low loaders, within contained and non-contained film locations are considered as a high risk activity and under Victorian law, can only be conducted when escorted by Victoria Police.

Specialist Filming Vehicles comprising of tracking and/or low loader vehicles have conditions imposed on their operation by VicRoads.   These conditions form part of the registration by which these vehicles operate. 

One such condition requires that any road closure or traffic containment be authorised and controlled by Victoria Police. Therefore a police escort will always be required where a Specialist Filming Vehicle is to be used in a 'contained' and 'non-contained' site on a public road.

There are many types of scenarios which fall into the category of 'contained' and 'non-contained' locations. 
Applicants are requested to make direct contact with the Victoria Police Film and Television Office to determine the category, and applicable police resources required. 

An example of these categories, are as follows:

A 'contained site' is a road or road related area that has been contained for the filming activity at the exclusion of ordinary vehicular traffic.

A 'non-contained' site would include the escort of a tracking or low loader vehicle, (or other specialist filming vehicle) as it travels along a defined route where filming will take place.

For police escorts, the Film and Television Office prepare the Police Operation Order (traffic management plan) and provide that to production companies for submission to the relevant road authority for a 'non-road activity' permit to be issued.

A 'non-road activity' in accordance with the Road Safety Act 1986, Section 99B means any activity to be conducted on a road which will significantly interfere with the normal use of a road by road users.  As per the Act, a non-road activity must be authorised by way of a permit by the relevant road authority, which can be subject to any terms, conditions and limitations which the road authority considers appropriate.

A non-road activity would include the use of a road for the shooting of a film, a bicycle event, a street festival or a street market.

For detailed information regarding police requirements, timeframes, and applicable fees and charges for administration, police operation orders, police resources or cancellation fees, please refer to:

How do I apply ?
To make an applications for Victoria Police resources for 'contained' and 'non-contained' locations download the application form:

Fax the completed application form to the Film and Television Office: 03 9247 3489

For iPhone and MAC Users: The Application for Resources Form must be opened with the program Adobe to ensure functionality and successful transmission to the Film and Television Office. Failure to do this may result in the form being returned having not been processed.

Police conducting traffic management outside the use of 'Specialist Filming Vehicles'
Wherever a 'specialist filming vehicle' that has been granted an exemption from Road Rule 268 is to be used for a non road activity, (tracking, low loader) Victoria Police must authorise and control any road closure or traffic containment.  This may be done using the assistance of private traffic management companies.  This will be decided in consultation with the production company.

In all other cases, the permitting road authority may make it a condition of their non road activity permit that police control any road closure or traffic containment.  VicRoads may further specify that Victoria Police conduct certain functions in relation to filming activities.  These may be included as conditions in the permit.

Outside these examples, production companies may choose to use Victoria Police resources to undertake traffic management duties at their discretion.  This traffic management may be resourced solely by Victoria Police or in conjunction with private traffic management company resources.

Similar conditions and time frames apply as with the escort role but advice from the Film and Television Office should first be sought regarding requirements.

For advice on traffic management and location requirements contact the Film and Television Office on 9247 3259 or 9247 5599.

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