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Day 11: From The Chief

Weather: 18 and sunny

Distance travelled: 28.5

We reached the halfway mark of the Head to Head walk yesterday. It was a fantastic feeling to get the 250km mark and it was made even more special thanks to the majestic views along the Great Alpine Road. Unlike previous days, my legs were feeling heavy and tired due to the incline. Thank you to Executive Director Gabrielle Rielly who made the effort to come out and join me for day 11 of the walk. Together we climbed over 28km’s as we made our way towards Ensay. 

With over half the walk completed, I have returned back to Melbourne to pay my respect for Constables Steven Tynan and Damian Eyre as we mark 30 years since their tragic deaths. Police are exposed to great risks both physically and mentally and despite the time that has passed, the ripple effects continue to impact the policing community. I am honoured to be able to return to pay my respects on this sombre day.

Reviewed 15 May 2019

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