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Day 13: From Wayne Gatt

Despite this tragic incident being more than a decade ago, it is unsurprising that scene is remembered by police today.  Even those that were not here at the time talked about the impact it had on others.

We also talked about other things that make policing hard, like the constant accountability and criticism that members can face at times, the challenges of living and policing in the same place and the need to be constantly vigilant about your safety and never really off-duty.

As we entered the township, I was joined by local Rotarians and the local Police Chaplain Phil Davey who walked us up to the station for a welcome with members and the community.  The police chaplain regularly visits police scenes to support our members.

The work of police chaplains comes to the fore during and following major crisis. explained, simply helping police talk about things is something that helps manage mental health – something we are hoping to see our members do more of.

The road is open, and we are moving into dairy country with so many cows looking on from the paddocks beside us.  For the first time, we feel safer on the road than on the verge!

Reviewed 15 May 2019

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