VicPol Corporate

Fingerprinting and national police records check

Anyone wishing to apply for a Private Security Licence (both individual and business) must undergo a National Police Records Check (including National name check and fingerprint records search). This requirement applies to:

  • new private security licence applications
  • certain people associated with private security business licences (eg. nominated person, officers of the body corporate including the director(s), secretary, executive officer(s) and any close associates)

Anyone who falls within these categories must:

  • complete their national police records check (including national name check and fingerprint records search) prior to lodging an application
  • attach a certified copy of the National Police Records Check certificate to their application – in the case of an application for a private security business licence, certificates must be supplied for each person associated with that business licence

For information about the process, branch locations and cost of obtaining a National Police Records Check and taking your fingerprints, see National police records check

Licensing and Regulation Division does not facilitate these checks.

Criminal history checks from private suppliers (regardless of Crimtrac accreditation) will not be accepted as part of an application for a private security licence. These suppliers do not issue the required certificate and do not have the authority to take fingerprints in accordance with the private security legislation.

Reviewed 01 February 2019