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In April 2017, the Licensing and Regulation Division contacted licence holders who may have been impacted by an error in the application of firearm licence fees for licence holders holding a Category A or Category A/B longarm licence at the same time as a Category C longarm licence.

Under the Firearms Act 1996 and Firearms Regulations 2008 licence fees for new and renewal applications can be waived or discounted in a number of circumstances including when licences are issued for primary production reasons, or when a Category A, A/B or C licence holder is applying for a second licence in these categories.

The error had occurred since as early as 1997 and resulted in the overcharging and undercharging of licence holders with these combinations of licences.

The error in the application of fees has been resolved and a review of our records was conducted by an independent forensic accountant.

Following this review, 2579 licence holders were contacted regarding the findings of the forensic accountant's examination.

Information on this page has been developed by the Licensing and Regulation Division to assist impacted licence holders.

How has my reimbursement been calculated?

Reimbursement amounts are comprised of the amount by which you were overcharged and interest. Interest has been calculated at a rate of 2.5 per cent, capped at seven years.

What information will I need to provide to claim my reimbursement?

To claim your reimbursement you will need to complete the reimbursement form via the link below. The form will ask you to verify your personal details and provide the details of an account in which you would like Victoria Police to deposit your reimbursement (including the account name, number and BSB details of the account).

How will you keep my banking information?

Information you provide will be kept on a secure financial processing system and only used by Victoria Police's Finance Department to process your reimbursement. It will not be shared.

I was undercharged. Do I have to repay the amount?

No. If you have been undercharged you are not required to pay back the amount you were undercharged.

Will I be charged correctly from now on?

Yes. We have implemented changes to the way Licensing and Registration System calculates fees and the system is now calculating fees correctly. Independent legal advice and forensic accountants recommended and checked these changes. As a result of the changes you may notice changes to your licence fees in the future.

How will I know if I have been affected?

Following a review of our records by an independent forensic accountant, Licensing and Regulation Division sent letters to all impacted licence holders confirming what reimbursements they are entitled to. If you did not receive either of these letters you have not been impacted.

How do I contact the Licensing and Regulation Division to discuss this issue?

You can contact us via email on 1300 651 645 or at

Reviewed 17 February 2020