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General duties policing

All Police Officers are required to undertake a minimum of two to four years of general duties policing working at police stations.
This is where a Police Officer learns the foundation skills for their career in policing.

General duties shifts are eight hours in length and can be day, afternoon or night shifts. Once you have graduated from training, Police will be expected to be available for posting as dictated by operational needs.

What is a general duties officer?

General duties officers are the 'first responders' and undertake the following duties in the course of a shift:

  • investigate crime
  • prevent anti-social behaviour
  • deal with community safety concerns
  • resolve disputes
  • attend/investigate accidents
  • attend critical incidents and emergencies
  • enforce traffic law
  • deal with drug/alcohol affected people
  • attend court to give evidence

Paperwork – every job has it

It is important to note that a component of the Police role focuses on documentation and report writing – often referred to as ‘corro’ or correspondence. This is why written communication skills and attention to detail is important. Providing thorough documentation can mean the difference between a successful conviction and a criminal walking free.

Reviewed 20 February 2019