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How fit do you need to be?

Police Fit fitness app

The Police Fit app offers a four- and eight-week program depending on your current fitness level. It can also be used by anyone else wanting to maintain their fitness.

The four-week program will suit those who exercise regularly with an emphasis on technique.

The eight-week program is suitable if you don’t regularly exercise and need to improve their technique.

The Police Fit program delivers a specific set of exercises designed for each individual fitness test component.

Whether you need help with your prone bridge hold, your beep test or your swimming, each specific exercise is tailored to give you the training you need to pass.

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You will need to download the Police Fit app from your mobile phone via the App Store or Google Play. From your mobile phone, click on the icons below to begin your download.

This app is free to download.

Did you know push ups are one of the most challenging components of the Victoria Police Fitness Test? To ensure you successfully pass, we have developed a step by step training tutorial to help you progress to the perfect push up!

Being part of Victoria Police is an active career. But if you have a healthy level of fitness, you’ll find the Victoria Police fitness test is very achievable. If you’re thinking of applying, it's a good idea to start your training so that you're ready, because you could be invited to take the fitness test soon after applying.

We use Body Mass Index or BMI as an indicator of your fitness level, so please be sure you meet the required BMI standard before you apply. To see where you're at you can test your BMI using theBMI calculator

You will be encouraged to maintain your fitness throughout the recruitment process, the Academy training and your career in policing.

General policing fitness test components

  • beep test (5.01)
  • grip test (30kg in each hand)
  • Illinois agility run (20 seconds)
  • push-ups (five successive push-ups on toes)
  • prone bridge (hold for 60 seconds)

Additional fitness test components and requirements for each role

Reviewed 20 December 2019