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Visitors to Victoria for the purpose of participation in an approved shooting activity must obtain an International Visitor permit and the relevant import permit for any firearm/s, ammunition, parts or accessories.

Border Force will not release your items to you if your Import Permit application has not been approved before you arrive in Australia.

You should submit both applications four weeks before your visit.

  • anyone planning to reside in Victoria and wishing to use firearms owned in another country will need to apply for a Victorian firearm licence
  • you will need to have a licensed firearm dealer in Australia import any firearms owned on your behalf
  • if you do not have proof of ownership you will need to apply for a permit to acquire for that firearm to be released to you
  • any firearms owned and imported must be stored with a licensed firearm dealer until you have obtained the appropriate licence and permit to acquire
  • any costs associated with firearm storage with a licensed firearm dealer is a civil agreement between the owner and the dealer.

Reviewed 20 February 2019