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Police reveal new ballistic vests

Wednesday, 17 October 2018 14:40

Victoria Police has unveiled new ballistic vests that will be seen on the streets from early 2019.

Over the next two years, Victoria Police will roll out over 14,000 of the new look ballistic vests to all police officers, Protective Services Officers (PSOs) and Police Custody Officers (PCOs) to replace current vests.

The new ballistic vests have been developed to improve personal safety of all officers, and will align with modern police work and current technologies.

Assistant Commissioner Debra Abbott said the new vests were a result of consultation with officers and working with industry experts to get the vests right.

“The new ballistic vests have been developed in direct consultation with our police officers, PSOs and PCOs, the Police Association and the Community and Public Sector Union to ensure the safety and needs of a modern police force are met,” A/C Abbott said.

“Over the past few months, officers who represent a diverse range of policing roles, locations, length of service, gender and size all trialled a variety of ballistic vests.

“In addition to the extensive feedback from our officer’s, we also looked at ways to future proof the success of the vests by collaboratively designing them with equipment such as the body worn cameras.

“The end result that we see today is a multi-functional, fit for purpose, comfortable and safe vest for all officers to wear when responding to duties.

“It’s about aligning all of our operational equipment with new technology and modern ways of policing.”

As well as a change from navy blue to black, other changes include:

  • Safe and streamlined access to equipment
  • Improved freedom of movement
  • Lighter in weight
  • Thermal management to adapt to both warm and cold temperatures.

Australian Defence Apparel has been awarded the contract to make the new ballistic vests for Victoria Police.

Reviewed 11 February 2019