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A renewal application package will be posted to you eight weeks before the expiry of your licence. Included with your package will be:

  • a renewal application form
  • a list of firearms registered in Victoria to your licence/s

If you do not receive this renewal package, please contact Licensing and Regulation Division

Before submitting your renewal application you must ensure that you:

  • review the information on your renewal application form
  • answer all of the questions on your renewal application form
  • provide supporting documentary evidence for your genuine reason/s

Key points to remember:

  • you can make changes/corrections directly on the application form
  • you must supply supporting documentary evidence for each genuine reason on your licence – refer to Part 2 of the application form
  • incomplete applications will not be finalised and will delay the processing of your application
  • all completed applications and supporting documentation should be forwarded to the Licensing and Regulation Division by post or email to
  • a payment notice and instructions for having a new photo taken will be sent to you by post once your renewal application has been finalised – you must pay the fee for your licence by BPAY or cash or cheque at a Westpac Bank by the nominated date on your payment notice

Not renewing?

If you do not wish to renew your licence and you are in possession of firearms you must dispose of your firearms before your licence expires. For more information about how to dispose of or transfer firearms to another licence holder, see Disposal of firearms and ammunition

Failure to dispose of the firearm before the expiry of your licence will cause you to be in possession of unregistered firearms. Penalties will apply.

It is also a good idea to contact Licensing and Regulation Division in writing to advise that you do not wish to renew.

Reviewed 20 February 2019