Safety tips for using an ATM

How to protect yourself and your account when using ATMs in public.

Criminals sometimes attach their own devices to ATMs in an attempt to record user's card information and PINs. Follow these crime prevention tips to practise safe ATM use.

Key crime prevention tips

  • Choose the ATM carefully. 
  • Stay alert.

ATM safety prevention checklist

Choose your ATM carefully

  • Use ATMs located inside buildings, supermarkets or other busy locations. 
  • Be aware of any suspicious people and do not use the ATM if you feel unsafe.
  • Check the card slot for any signs of tampering, such as an attached object. 
  • Scan the area for suspicious activity before using the ATM. 

Stay alert

  • Be aware of anyone standing close to you when using the ATM.
  • Be cautious when strangers offer to help you at an ATM, even if you are having problems. 
  • Cover the keypad with your other hand when entering your PIN.
  • Place your money and card in your wallet or purse straight away. 
  • Take your receipt with you or request "no receipt".

Other things you can do

  • Never write your PIN down or store it in your phone. 
  • If your card is not returned by the machine, alert your bank immediately. 
  • Only withdraw as much cash as you need at the time. Immediately place cash in your purse or wallet. 
  • Do not count your money in public. 
  • Avoid carrying cash by using EFTPOS facilities and paying bills online.

What to do if you are victim to ATM fraud

  • Change your passwords. 
  • Notify your bank if you see anything unusual in your transactions.

Report it

Report unlawful access to your online accounts through the Australian Cyber Security Centre