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The Victorian population is projected to grow to more than 11 million residents by 2056, with Melbourne projected to be Australia’s largest capital city by 2030.

Victoria Police has committed to transforming our service delivery by 2025 to better meet new and emerging pressures driven by this growth including:  

  • changes in offending
  • heightened threat of terrorism, and
  • growing public expectations.

Our Vision

Since 2015 Victoria Police has received considerable public investment including; extra police, modern infrastructure, enabling technology, new legislature and state of the art tactical equipment. 

To maximise this investment, our new model will ensure greater operational efficiencies and community accessibility with a focus on prevention and visible policing in a way that builds the trust and confidence of all Victorians.


We will seek to adopt and implement world’s best practice informed by the needs, insights and advice gathered in consultation from our workforce, the community and our partners.

This as an invaluable opportunity to help us review, map and design how we can transform our service delivery from good to great.

To ensure the new model is sustainable we will design, test and implement solutions in conjunction with the workforce and the community.

Community feedback

Gaining public feedback on our service delivery is vital in building a trusted, supportive and modern organisation. 

We will consult with service users, external stakeholders, and the broader community to: listen to and understand frustrations, insights and ideas.

This collaboration will form the foundation for the development of innovative solutions that:

  • meet community needs and expectations, and
  • deliver public value.

Community survey

Victoria Police would like to thank the Victorian community for sharing their insights with us during a recent online survey.  We have received more than 6,000 responses, which is a fantastic result!  This feedback is critical to help us improve our services to better meet community needs and expectations. We will communicate the results of the survey in the coming months. We're listening!

Reviewed 26 August 2021


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